Unbreaking Minecraft in Enchantment

Unbreaking Minecraft is an enchantment that gives a chance for an item’s durability not to be reduced when it is used, effectively increasing the item’s durability. The probability of a tool breaking after a number of uses with different levels of this enchantment. Unbreaking Minecraft is an Enchantment Other Enchantments There are other enchantments in … Read more

Thorns Minecraft in Enchantment

About the Thorns Minecraft in enchantment and minecraft and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started so what exactly is the thorns Minecraft and Chapman and minecraft you might be asking well it is an enchantment for your armor so basically you can enchant your helmet your chest plate your leggings and … Read more

Sweeping Edge Minecraft in Enchantment

About the sweeping edge Minecraft attack and minecraft basically what it does what weapons you can put it on and anything else you need to know so why don’t we get started so let’s talk about the sweeping edge Minecraft and champion in Minecraft now it is obviously a sword enchantment and it’s actually a … Read more

Soul Speed Minecraft in Enchantment

Soul speed Minecraft in enchantment maybe you’ve just been given an item up from a piggelin and he’s all like here have some salt speed and you’re like maybe some minecraft aficionado you saw this soul speed minecraft. about soul speed minecraft explain whatever the title of this video is we’re go talk about this … Read more

Punch Minecraft in Enchantment

About the punch Minecraft in enchantment and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started so in Minecraft what punches is it’s a bow enchantment so the closest equivalent enchantment is a knock-back so basically what punch minecraft does is when you hit a mob with an arrow and knocks It back three … Read more