How to Change Minecraft Username

Minecraft Usernames: Minecraft does not require usernames on other platforms, but if you play on Minecraft Realms on these platforms you’ll use your Xbox gamer tag.

Are there any requirements in creating a username?


  • Needs to consist of 3-16 characters
  • No spaces
  • Allowed characters:
    • A-Z (upper and lower case)
    • 0-9
    • The only allowed special character is _ (underscore)
    • It is not possible to make a username with but three characters.

Where can I find my Mojang account username?

If you’ve got a Mojang account, your username is often found and altered on your Mojang account page.

Can I change my Mojang account  username?

Users who have a Mojang account (the default account type for all accounts registered after November 2012) can change their username for free at by clicking the (Change) link next to your profile name.

If you check in together with your username, as older accounts do, you’ll first have to migrate to a Mojang account before you’ll change your username.

How often can I change my username?

If you’ve changed your username already, you will need to attend 30 days to be ready to make another change.

If you modify your username, your old name is held for 37 days. This gives you an additional week to vary back if you’ve made an error or changed your mind before your previous username becomes available to anyone else.

Is the profile name you would like to possess unavailable?

If the username you would like is unavailable, you’ll have to choose another name. Mojang support won’t be ready to assist you get a username that’s unavailable.

If i modify my username, can someone see my previous Mojang usernames?

Yes. Username changes are found out in order that you’ll get a username that you simply prefer, and aren’t designed to bypass bans or anything of that kind . Previous usernames are recorded and visible to anyone.

If my old username had my name in it, am i able to have this name faraway from my Mojang username history?

Yes. If you’re current or past usernames have any personally identifiable information in them. You can contact customer support and have it faraway from your history. This is strictly limited to personally identifiable information.

After I changed my minecraft username, I bought an error message “not authenticated with”, what do I do? You’ll have to fully sign off and log back in again. This refreshes your profile’s authentication and reference to our servers.

To fully log out and log back in:

  • within the Minecraft game launcher, click on your username or email address in top right corner
  • Click “Log Out”
  • Log back in with your account credentials

Unfortunately, you can’t change your username in Minecraft PE or console editions, as these versions use your Xbox Live or PlayStation gamer tag instead. Else it can be changed. Follow these steps to change your username:

Step 1-Understand the limitations.

You cannot change your name if you created the account within the last 30 days, nor are you able to change your name quite once every 30 days. You also must change your name to a name that hasn’t been chosen by someone else at this point. Your name must be longer than 2 characters and can only use underscores, letters, and numbers.


Changing your in-game username doesn’t change your Minecraft website profile name.

Step 2-Open the Mojang site. Go to in your browser.

Step 3-Click ACCOUNT. This tab is in the upper-right side of the page.

Step 4-Click Login. It’s in the upper-right side of the page. If you’re already logged in, skip this step and the next two steps.

Step 5-Enter your login information. Type your email address and password into the labeled fields on this page.

Step 6-Click Log in. It’s a green button near the bottom of the page.

Step 7-Find the “Profile Name” section. It is located near the middle of the page.

Step 8-Click Change.  It’s a link to the proper of your current username.

Step 9-Enter a new profile name. In the text field near the highest of the page, type within the username that you simply want to use.

Step 10-Click Check availability. It’s a grey button to the proper of the profile name text field. This will check your username to ascertain if it’s already taken; if not, you will see a green “username is available” message appear.

If the username is already taken, you will see a red “username is in use” message appear. If so, try a special username, or try spelling your selected username differently, then click Check availability again.

Step 11-Enter your password.  In the “Password” text field near the bottom of the page, type in the password that you use to log into your Minecraft account.

Step 12-Click Change name. It’s at the bottom of the page. Doing so will change your current username to your new username immediately; you ought to see this alteration reflected in subsequent time that you simply log into Minecraft on your Windows or Mac computer.

After a successful name change, you won’t be able to change your name for another 30 days. Your old username will be available for 7 days, meaning that you’ll have a week to change your new username back to your old one if you decide to do so.

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