How to Get Stone in Minecraft?

Stones with any of the pickaxes will drop cobblestone in Minecraft as cobblestone is a versatile material its used in several recipes especially for crafting tools to mine and fight mobs. It may not look of it or you may need to craft something else with stone. Here in this article we have listed multiple ways to get a stone.


  • Gather cobblestone: Firstly you need to gather cobblestone as explained earlier, Cobblestone being the most common type of stone found almost any time use to craft a furnace and also to be refined into smooth stone.
  • Gather coal, Too: This step includes gathering of coal which is a common thing in Minecraft and you’ll need for furnace running in order to get stone in Minecraft. You’ll find plenty of coal in and around stone areas.
  • Build the furnace: Now create a furnace filling each and every space in a crafting table with cobblestone, except the one in the middle.
  • Use Furnace to Turn Cobblestone into Stone: Now the smelting source should be put in the bottom space in your furnace and the cobblestone be put on top. Here we’ll use the coal and put it into the bottom slot of the furnace where in the top slot you will put your Cobblestone that you left before and subsequently the Cobblestone will turn into stone.
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  • Use of furnace again to turn stone into smooth stone: Now you will have and access to stone where to get Smooth Stone you will need to take this a step and repeat the same process. You’ll now take the Stone created in first run with the furnace and then finally add coal.

METHOD 2 TO GET STONE IN MINECRAFT: Using a Silk Touch Pickaxe

  • With silk touch you will now Enchant your pickaxe for you get stone in Minecraft Games.
  • Now in the next process in order to get stone in Minecraft , with this pickaxe created in the last run you will mine a block with stone and then move further.
  • In the next run now you will get stone instead of cobblestone for you get stone in Minecraft, which is considered as one of the important process in the making.


  • It should be made sure and double checked to enable chests and if not then turn it on to get stone in Minecraft.
  • Open the chat for which the standard button for the same is “ t ” to get stone in Minecraft.
  • Type the given following cheat: /give minecraft:stone [amount]. Replace with your username and [amount] with how many stone blocks you want.

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