How to Make an Enchantment Table in Minecraft

An enchantment table endorses you to permeate items with special abilities, from infinite strength to snuff out attacks. For crafting a table you would require some rare ingredients to be prepared by yourself for an expedition.


  • Mine for diamonds: Here is the first step towards the minecraft enchantment table. Diamond being the rarest ores found only in deep underground. It would be best to search for this light blue ore on layers 5–12 for best outcome considered. It should be dig down until you find bedrock (an unbreakable grey block), there upon count 5-12 blocks above it. Mine the diamonds with an iron or gold pickaxe.

o Remember, not in any way to dig straight down. A “staircase” mine will keeps you safe from pits and lava.
o You’ll need two diamonds to make an enchantment table for which you would need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian which requires three more diamonds.
o Stick to layers 11 and 12 to avoid most of the lava.

  • Create obsidian: Obsidian appears like a dark black block, be visible only when flowing water hits lava which could be made by making buckets out of three iron ingots. You would Scoop up lava with one bucket and pour it into a four-block pit and then pour the water from a higher structure so it flows down onto the lava and would turn out to become obsidian.
  • Mine four obsidian with a diamond pickaxe: If you use a diamond pickaxe then obsidian block would drop crafting materials for enchantment table recipe or minecraft enchantment table.
  • Find or craft a book: You can choose to break apart bookshelves in village or stronghold libraries for you to get ready-made books or either craft them yourself for the enchantment table recipe:

o You would need kill cows or horses until you get at least one leather.
o Now cut down three sugar cane reeds.
o Three sugar cane to be crafted into paper. Since sugarcane is hard to find opt to start a sugarcane farm.
o Concrete one leather and three paper to make a book. (Place them anywhere in the crafting area in separate squares.)

STEP 2 TO MAKE AN ENCHANMENT TABLE: Crafting and Placing the Enchantment Table

  • Craft an enchantment table: The enchantment table recipe to be selected, or the items to be combined as follows on the PC advanced crafting system:
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o Top row: empty, book, empty
o Middle row: diamond, obsidian, diamond
o Bottom row: obsidian, obsidian, obsidian

  • Place the enchantment table: The enchantment table to be placed somewhere with least two blocks of space on three sides, in a room with least two blocks high. This gives you the space to improve it.
  • Craft bookshelves: For you to make a bookshelf, place all three books at the centre row, then fill the remaining grid with planks.

o These powerful enchantments are quite costly, so you may choose to skip this step.

  • Place the bookshelves: To get the best enchantments for which you would need fifteen bookshelves to be placed as follows:

o On the same level place one block above it.
o Exactly one empty block to be kept in between the table and shelf.

STEP 3 TO MAKE AN ENCHANMENT TABLE: Enchanting objectives

  • Place the item in your enchantment table to enchant: Enchantment table to be used to open the enchantment interface. You can choose to place armor, swords, bows, books, or most tools in the enchantment table that goes in the left slot in PC edition, and the top slot in Pocket Edition.
  • Place lapis lazuli in the other slot: With the latest versions of Minecraft, each enchantment consumes 1or 2 or sometimes 3 lapis lazuli in the enchantment table recipe. The gem need to be placed in the empty slot in your table.
  • Select one of the three enchantments: Taking consideration over an option will let you know the name of the enchantment. This option is also available to add additional, randomly selected enchantments.

o Without enchanting selecting something would be possible. Path blocking to a bookshelf will reveal new, usually lower-level options.
o Different items have different available enchantments.

  • Understand the cost: Usually three options are there in the enchantment table within the enchantment table recipe. The first one is the weakest, and costs one lapis lazuli and one experience level. The second one costs two lapis lazuli and two levels and the last one costs three of each.

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