How Can Minecraft be Played Online with Friends?

Minecraft is one of the 3D sandbox games developed by Mojang. The gameplay is constructed of rugged 3D objects like cubes, blocks, stone, etc. This game is virtually infinite, as you’ll be able to explore it to maximum.

Minecraft has several modes like survival, adventure, creative, spectator mode, where you’ll explore infinite worlds and build everything along with your creativity. Studies have proved that daily work and stress can be led to harmful effects on the aging of a person. So in that case, games are preferred to be the best option to provide slackening of mind and body. With the advent of technology and lack of time with people online games is the best option.

Playing Minecraft solo may be a small amount boring if you have got the choice of playing it along with your friends. And in our article, we’ve got specified all the various ways during which you’ll play Minecraft together with your friends on PC. All the various ways are shown below on the way to play Minecraft with friends.

How to Play Minecraft Multiplayer on a LAN?

If you wish to play Minecraft together with your friends without paying a monthly fee and buying a Realm, then you’ll be able to play with them on a LAN. LAN stands for Local Area Network. you’ll join a LAN server together with your friends to play the sport for gratis with none cost. Simply follow the following steps to try and do so:

1. Open the Minecraft game on your PC. (Make sure your friend, and you’re on an equivalent version of the game)

2. Click on Singleplayer.

3. And build New World and choose whatever settings you wish and click on Create.

4. Pess the ‘Esc‘ key, once your world is located.

5. Click on the receptive LAN button.

6. Choose whatever settings you wish to play the sport in just like the Survival mode or if you would like to permit cheats or not.

7. And when finished, click on the ‘Start LAN World.’

8. Then you may get a 5-digit LAN number. (Make sure you inscribe this number as this number is required later)

9. Next, you will have to search out your IP Address.

10. To seek out your IP Address. Open prompt and sort “ipconfig” to reveal your IP Address.

11. Now open Minecraft on your friend’s computer.

12. Select Multiplayer and so click on Direct Connect.

13. Now put in your IP Address and put a colon(:) after typing your IP Address then enter the 5-digit LAN number that you simply saved earlier.

How to Play Minecraft on a web Server (Java Edition)?

To connect to the other players server, you’ve got to follow these steps:

  • Open the Minecraft Game.
  • Click on Multiplayer.
  • Then click on Add Server, then add the IP Address and therefore the necessary information for adding a specific server.
  • Finding a server where you’ll play together with your friends is often a challenging task; therefore, you’ll also create your server.

What is Minecraft Realms?

You must have seen Minecraft Realms pop-up on the most Menu of the Minecraft Game. Realms are a personal server that you simply and your friends can play on. One person must purchase a Realms, and it costs $7.99 a month. Everything is hosted for your server, and it’ll always be available to you as long as you’re paying the subscription price.

And you furthermore may have access to a couple of other maps and additional content that’s available through Realms. Instead of just playing the Survival World on the Realms, you’ll play some mini games or some server style games also. If you’ve bought a Realm then you’ve got access to all or any the behind scenes settings thereto particular Realms.

Steps given below should be followed to Play Minecraft through Realms:

  • Open Minecraft and choose Minecraft Realms.
  • Click on Configure Realm.
  • Then you’ve got 3 Survival World Slots, and therefore the fourth slot is going to be Minigames.
  • Click on an Empty Slot, then create your World in any way you would like to make it.
  • Once you’ve got completed or created your unique Realm, then you’ll invite your friends to play with you.

So these are the various ways during which you’ll play Minecraft together with your Friends on PC. I hope this helps, and if you’ve got any problems otherwise you run into some error, then you’ll share it within the comments section, and that we are going to be pleased to assist you.

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