Blast Protection Minecraft Enchantment

What the blast protection Minecraft  of Chatman is a Minecraft so why don’t we get started so just remember with protection enchantments they’re incompatible with each other so you can only choose one protection to go on each piece of armor and protection achievements can only be enchanted on the helmet the chest plate the leggings and the boots so the first one is blast protection Minecraft so the maximum level is 4 and it protects

You from blasts or explosions and how it works the formula is 8 times the level of the enchantment so the maximum level is 4 so it’d be 32% that it would actually reduce the explosion damage and the maximum that it can be capped at is 80% so this means that if you have multiple pieces of armor with blast protection it’ll add those up and if it adds up to more than 80% you’ll only get 80% reduction and blast protection minecraft.

So just quickly so you know what exactly constitutes blasts they are creepers or charge creepers TNT and if you destroy the end crystal okay so what we’re going to do is just test this out to see how blast protection Minecraft actually does so I have TNT here I am equipped with blast protection for on all my pieces of armor and there’s the TNT and let’s see how much damage it does so you can see it didn’t actually do any damage you can see that my durability was used up a bit on these pieces of armor

Blast Protection Minecraft Enchantment

But you can see that my health is still at full hearts and my armor is still at the maximum even though I was pretty much two blocks away from the TNT so the second one is fire protection and the maximum level of this chapman is 4 it reduces ongoing fire damage that isn’t absorbed by armor and the formula is 15 times the level of the enchantment and that reduces the amount of burn time and if there are multiple pieces of armor with this enchantment the highest one is taken so that means that really it only is useful

If you have one piece of armor with fire blast protection Minecraft but it is useful in that it reduces the amount of damage you would take okay so in order to test the fire protection first I’m go through the fire without any blast protection Minecraft on to see how much damage I do you can see I caught on fire I did half a heart of damage so you can see it was restored pretty quickly so now I have fire protection boots on fire protection for so we’ll see how it’s different than if I had no boots on so you can see it pretty much did no damage to me I’m still at full hearts my defense points at the same

So really the thing with fire protection is it just reduces your burn time so it just means that you won’t catch on fire and it won’t do as much damage to you when you’re actually on fire so the third one is projectile protection and the maximum although this is four it reduces the damage from arrows Trident shelters fireballs from gasps and blazes and the formula is leveled times eight and that is a percentage

So it’ll be 32 percent that it reduces it for that piece of armor and it’ll be capped at 80 percent total for all the pieces of armor combined together so now I’m going to test out the projectile protection so you can see that I have a dispenser here it’s loaded with the arrows so it’ll just hit me I have no armor on so this will give you an idea how much damage it does so it looks like it went down to about one and a half hearts before it start to restore my health

What Does Blast Protection Do In Minecraft?

So now I have full enchanted armor with projectile protection all at level four so let’s do the same test so it hit me it looks like it didn’t even do any damage I’ve even noticed anything let’s try it again just to make sure so yeah it looks like it didn’t even do any damage to me but you can see that the durability was used each time and the last one is the Blast protection minecraft enchantment the maximum level is four so this is more of a general protection so the formula is four times the level percentage and then so the maximum level would be four so it’d be 16% per each piece of armor and it’d be capped at 80% which you can actually reach so right now I have no protection armor on and unfortunately

I have some TNT here so I’m going to activate the team to see how much damage does here should do probably will do a lot so it took about of two and a half hearts of my damage out okay so now I have the enchanted armor all blast protection minecraft for enchanted so I am going to throw the switch and see how much damage it does to me so I actually did no damage to myself you can see that I was already one and a half hearts damaged down so the blast protection Minecraft enchantment really prevented me from taking any damage so that was all of the protection enchantments for Minecraft

So if you’re wondering which one I would say is the best one I mean protection is pretty useful because it applies to everything I would say blast protection Minecraft is the second most useful because the explosions can cause a lot of damage to you I think the third one would be fire because it reduces the amount of fire damage you take and projectile

I just don’t think it applies to that many situations but I would also say remember that there are caps the amount of damage you can reduce so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a lot of blast protection on you on every piece of armor

So it might be a good idea to have a mix of different kinds of protections so one to maybe reduce the amount of fire damage you take maybe a couple if you want to reduce the amount of blast protection Minecraft but overall you probably want more blast protection Minecraft in enchantment.

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