Feather Falling Minecraft in Enchantment

Feather falling minecraft enchantment and basically what it does and whether it’s worth putting on your boots so why don’t we get started so what exactly is the feather falling minecraft enchantment in Minecraft it’s a boot enchantment so basically what it does is it reduces the damage you get from falling so to explain how falling works in Minecraft which that’s such a weird sentence for some reason basically

If you’re out three blocks and you fall it doesn’t do any damage but if you go up one block so if you go out for it does one damage if you go up to five it does two damage etc so basically if you’re at block 24 that would kill you that’s why most mob spawners are built at 24 so when the mob Falls it dies so basically with feather falling at each level it’s two which is one heart reduced damage so the maximum level is level four

Feather falling Minecraft Enchantment

So basically you get eight less damage when you fall which could be very useful it also includes ender pearl tell portion tell apportions teleportations ender pearl teleportations so um let’s craft up some boots so this is the pattern two on this side two on that side and we got some boots and here’s an anvil and what we do is we put the boots in there we put the feather falling Minecraft for on there and we got ourselves some feather falling Minecraft boots feather falling boots and let’s equip them so basically what I did just give a good illustration is I’m in creative

So I can’t really die unfortunately but if you look this is 24 high so that would kill me so basically if I fell from that with the feather falling Minecraft boots it would do usually about 20 damage to me so yeah it would do 20 but with the feather falling Minecraft boots on me I do eat less damage

So it does 14 to me so basically you have it would take an eight extra blocks high to kill me so we take up to a block 32 to kill me so basically it’s pretty useful because I don’t know how many times you’re up that high and you fall but it definitely is useful in reducing the amount that you fall or take fall damage so it’s definitely an enchantment that you probably should have on your boots no matter

What does feather falling Do In Minecraft?

What because you never know when something happens and you just end up falling and there’s a big difference between falling that height and then that height so that is the feather falling Minecraft enchantment in Minecraft it’s a pretty useful enchantment and I feel like I’m actually underscoring it by saying it’s useful it’s almost a necessity that you should have it on your boots because that eight blocks height difference will make a huge difference

When you’re falling I mean you never know when something can happen and you end up falling and you die and you have no idea where you are and that just completely sucks then you got to figure out where you died basically so feather falling is definitely a necessity if you’re gonna enchant your boots and I’m like really underscoring the word necessity so yeah that’s feather following enchantment

If you’re interested I’ve been doing a lot of enchantments on different items I think I did all the boot enchantments too so I did things like depth Strider and frost Walker so you can check out those videos I put them in a playlist so you can check out all the enchantment videos and I’m just going to be going through all of them and figuring out what the best and the worst enchantments are in Minecraft..

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