Fire Aspect Minecraft in Enchantment

Fire aspect Minecraft enchantment and basically what it does and whether it’s worth putting on your sword so why don’t we get started so what exactly is the fire aspect Minecraft you might be asking well it is a sword enchantment and what it does is it sets the mob your attacking on fire aspect Minecraft.

You get four seconds of the mob being on fire at each level the maximum level for this enchantment is level two if you’re wondering about the exact formula it’s very simple it’s basically the level of the enchantment times four minus one Lee at level one it’ll do three damage and at level two it’ll do seven damage also keep in mind that nether monks are basically immune to this enchantment.

Fire Aspect Minecraft Enchantment

Because they’re immune to anything that involves lava or fire basically this is useful in the over world so why don’t we start by actually making a sword so there we go two diamonds and one thing I also should mention because I forgot to say it but um basically the fire damage is separate from the actual attack of the sword basically you’re just lighting the thing on fire but you’re still hitting it with a sword if you understand

What I’m saying which I hope you do so there’s the sword there’s the fire aspect Minecraft axe back to and now we’re gonna open this door where the zombie is and see what kind of damage I can do doing so this is level two so it should be quite a bit that he’s on fire let’s see one two three five six seven eight nine ten.

What does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft?

So he’s been on fire for quite a bit he’s still on fire aspect Minecraft wonder how long he’s gonna be on fire for hmm okay so now he’s not on fire so let’s hit him again no and he died so if you consider the actual damage that a sword does so basically so does seven damage on average and fire damage would have done seven

So that was 14 so if I hit him again yeah that would have killed them so it would probably take about two strikes to kill a mob the other thing is you should consider is anybody that’s played Minecraft has had a scenario where a mob is on fire aspect Minecraft after you come out at day and then that mob lights you on fire

That’s definitely a possibility with disenchantment so keep that in mind that if you light it on fire it might backfire and light you on fire so that was the fire aspect Minecraft enchantment in it’s pretty straightforward it’s a sword enchantment it lights things on fire aspect Minecraft it does damage the mobs when it’s lit on fire it’s more and it’s also compatible with all the other enchantments.

So basically the question is whether you want it on your sword or not and if you’re interested I’ve been also doing videos on all the other enchantments so you can check out all the other sword enchantments I put them all in a playlist so if you just want to see all of the enchantments at once you can check that out.

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