Fire Protection Minecraft in Enchantment

Fire protection minecraft enchantment I don’t know why I stumble over those words but I’m gonna go into what it exactly does and how useful it is so why don’t we get started so what the fire protection Minecraft enchantment is basically for armor.

What it does is reduces the damage from fire it also reduces the ongoing fire damage which is normally not absorbed so how it works so these numbers right here show the burn time of the enchantment so basically the higher the level the less likely you are to be on fire for longer

I basically have shown the formula right here so it’s 15 times the level of the enchantment and then the percent and I have a table here if your can’t do the math so level 1 is 15% level 2 is 30% level 3 is 45 and level 4 is 60% and obviously as you can see the maximum level is 4 the other thing to consider is it is incompatible with blast protection projectile and Fire protection Minecraft.

Fire Protection Minecraft Enchantment

Just plain protection so definitely you have to choose one of those and the last thing I would say about this is that you one thing that’s kind of interesting about the way that it calculates the earned time is that if you have multiple enchantments on it only takes the highest level burn time it’s is used

So if you’re worried about how long you burn so if you step into like lava and you’re trying to get out of there and you want armor that’ll reduce the amount of burn time you’ll get you only need one piece of armor you don’t need to have a piece of armor on each thing so it’s definitely worse worth considering that if you’re thinking about voting for fire protection minecraft

What Does Fire Protection Do In Minecraft?

So that was the fire protection minecraft enchantment definitely worth one considering because obviously you’re gonna be lit on fire at some point playing this game unless you’re really good at voiding that I have been lit on fire so many times it’s ridiculous and died that way so this enchantment is definitely worth can sit putting on your armor if you’re interested I’ve been doing all the enchantment videos

So you can check out all the other pre armor enchantments to see how they compare this one’s pretty good I would say but the let’s see the protection one is pretty good the blast protection and the projectile protection is kind of met

So you should definitely think about which ones you want on your armor although I would say at least you should consider having at least one fire protection on one of your pieces of armor.

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