Flame Minecraft in Enchantment

Flame Minecraft enchantment Chapman and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started so flame is a bow enchantment in Minecraft and what it does as the name would obviously implies sets things on fire so if you shoot an arrow at a mop it will light it on fire now this is separate from the arrow damage that mob would get it actually sets it on fire

So what it does is it gives it for damage over about a five-second span and also the maximum level for flame Minecraft is one so pretty much you just set the thing on fire I don’t know how useful this is to most people but let’s test this out so if you’re not familiar with bows

Flame Minecraft in Enchantment

This is how you craft them three sticks and three strings if you are unfamiliar with the chanting a bow there you go we got our flame Minecraft and I am going to throw one zombie in there and let’s test this thing out pretty curious so there it’s on fire let’s see how long it’s on fire for that’s still on fire yeah probably say that was pretty effective

Let’s see how many arrows it takes so that was two arrows so about 18 damage from just the arrows and probably about eight from the fire Minecraft so there yeah that’s about right so it killed it so if you’re wondering about the other uses for flame Minecraft besides killing mobs you can also use them to light campfires so that once I realize yes well it’s on fire again I guess

What Does Flame Do In Minecraft?

You can also use it with TNT I don’t know if this is a good idea in the world I have and oh that’s all it did but yeah it kind of lights TNT on fire that was so weird I don’t know why it was delayed like that but yeah definitely effective and if you look at the campfire it’s gone

Because it was lit on fire so those are the uses for a flame Minecraft enchanted bow so that was the flame Minecraft enchantment in obviously it is a good enchantment for inflicting a little extra damage to a mom but the other thing too I forgot to mention

But actually is pretty relevant is if you do like the mob on fire there’s a chance that I’ll come up to you and like you want fire so it might not be the best enchantment to have it’s definitely worth weighing the options of pros and cons about that and trim so anyways that was another bone complement so I’ve done a bunch of bone chapman’s I’ve done crossbow enchantments and I’ve done tried enchantments.

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