Frost Walker Minecraft in Enchantment

Frost Walker Minecraft my eggs in a bit of a strange mood recently you know they keep adding these features that we’ve wanted for years you know would you like us to fix boats I mean yeah we’d like you to fix boats would you like us to add wings again yes absolutely um how about yeah would you like us to add some boots that let you walk on water I mean yep that would be pretty damn sweet okay guys so or rather dinner bone has decided in his infinite wisdom that in this time that we can freeze water beneath our feet this is really cool so basically they’ve actually now added a new Frost Walker Minecraft enchantment that

Lets you freeze water beneath your feet it’s called frost Walker minecraft as you could probably guess quite easily and it’s really cool so here are 10 things that you’re gonna want to know about this new frost Walker minecraft enchantment alright to begin this is the first frost Walker minecraft enchantment that cannot be acquired through regular enchanting instead you have to find this as treasure now I’m mines only sure whether this means in a book form or in boot form but whatever the case you cannot go into an atomic table place your boots and get this frost Walker minecraft enchantment

Frost Walker Minecraft Enchantment

It can only be found as treasure so there are actually two levels to frost Walker minecraft enchantment level 1 and level 2 and depending on which level you have or result in a smaller or larger ice ring around you so let me demonstrate this with the level 1 so place these on here you’ll see that the diameter is this size now if we compare that with level 1 so here is level 1 and this is level 2 you’ll see that the radius is slightly larger in order to freeze the water you have to do two things first of all you have to go in the same level as the water and you also need to be on solid ground

So as you can see we’re currently on solid ground but we’re a little bit too high to freeze the water the other side of spectrum if we’re in a water and we jump in we’re on the same level as the water here but because there’s no solid blocks the ice won’t freeze so you have to be on the same level and you have to be on solid blocks so as you can see here because our solid looks any other water on the same level the one actually freeze as we walk now as you’ve probably noticed as I’ve been walking around the ice disappears behind me

This is because this is actually a brand new ice block called frosted ice so this will actually decay as we go and basically what this means is we don’t leave any ugly terrain behind our wake now this new frosted ice melts based on light level very much like regular ice so what this means is if you try to walk on water at nighttime you’ll notice that the ice actually doesn’t decay you will have to wait till morning for it to do that.

But if we actually place down some light sources such as savannas you’ll notice that the ice begins to crack an interesting side effect about this is that this works on both static water and flowing water which means we can actually convert flowing water into static water pretty easily so let me demonstrate that if we just place down some on just one block for watching us enter there and we start to walk over here we actually convert that into regular ice melt not regular ice this is frosted ice but as it decays you’ll notice that all of it actually turns into regular water and suddenly we have all these source blocks a fun thing is that this also works underwater.

What does Frost Walker Do In Minecraft?

So if you actually step into this water I’ll probably demonstrate this you’ll see that the water underneath water begins to freeze and it begins to decay but there’s a little bit more to this because if you actually go deeper down into the water so if we can’t but if I go where to be up here you’ll see that it begins to freeze as well but you’ll notice that then waters out the ice down here will not decay and that’s because as I mentioned before this all goes based on light level is Emma cozy it’s so dark down here the frosted ice will just remain.

So I was kind of curious on what would happen if you tried to freeze in Italy would it encase it in ice and the actual answer that is that it will avoid entity so it will take into consideration where the entity is and it will just leave that as water which is kind of interesting in its own way actually so then I was curious does this work with boats what happens with boats so let’s just test that shall we they spoke down there and we will hop in as you can see it does try to avoid the boat at all costs just waiting for that to melt it’s just to say we can see what happens so if you actually go over shallow land you’ll see that the ice actually does generates beneath be beneath the surface of the water you can just go along as you please and that will decay like I showed earlier but it’s still pretty cool to just be speeding along and just leaving a big trail or ice under water .

The final thing that you’re gonna want to know is does this work for mobs so let me give you the answer to that so if we just place a skeleton here and we give him some magical boots do you freeze the water skeleton do you freeze the water let’s give him a little nudge yes they do work on mobs absolutely fantastic so guys that was 10 things about the new frost walking charmer now do take note that this is the first snapshot so stuff may change over time but pretty damn cool what we have so far no yang all you need more stuff like this has nothing to do with combat.

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