Infinity Minecraft in Enchantment

About the infinity minecraft in enchantment and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started so if you’re wondering what exactly the Infinity minecraft enchantment is it is a confusing name what it is a bow and chapman it allows you to basically keep shooting arrows even though you only have one in your inventory you definitely need one

Infinity Minecraft Enchantment

So if the maximum level is level one obviously because it only has a single effect it doesn’t apply to tipped or spectral arrows so basically infinity minecraft won’t apply and you’ll need a full stack of those to keep shooting those arrows it’s also incompatible with mending which is a major negative but you probably have to choose whether you want affinity or mending on your bow so if you’re not familiar with crafting a bow pretty straightforward three sticks and three strings in this pattern and if you’re not familiar with enchanting let’s see where’s the book

I guess I don’t have a book but you can do that and you’ll get one infinity minecraft one it won’t really work with creative but basically it’ll just keep be able to shoot arrows even though you only have one even though I have 64 I’m in creative but it’s definitely a useful enchantment because then you won’t have to craft a ton of arrows this thing will not die will it there we go so definitely useful enchantment

So that is the infinity enchantment in Minecraft it’s definitely a good enchantment although the fact that you either have the choice between mending or infinity minecraft makes it a little more trickier I mean infinity minecraft is pretty good because then you don’t have to go through a ton of arrows but mending means you can keep the same bow

What does infinity Do In Minecraft?

So that’s kind of a difficult trade-off depends on I guess how much you use a bow but definitely a good enchant and I would say if you’re interested I did a ton of other videos on enchantments I’ve done all the crossbow all the Trident.

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