Knockback Minecraft in Enchantment

About the knockback Minecraft in enchantment and basically what it does and how useful it is so why don’t we get started so you’re probably asking yourself what exactly is knockback Minecraft well it is a sword enchantment.

It’s very straightforward it’s basically what it does is when you hit a mob with the sword that has the enchantment on it it knocks them all back three blocks so the maximum level is two so basically you can hit it back six blocks it’s kind of useful if you’re getting attacked by a lot of mobs and you need some space so let’s craft up a sword to do this so pretty straightforward for a sword two diamonds and a stick and let’s enchant this baby

knockback Minecraft in Enchantment

So there it is knockback minecraft – and then let’s go into our zombie enclosure and see how far I can knock this thing back okay so you saw it went back a bit it seems like if you have something above it it also limits it a bit so you definitely see it moving back each time I hit it so that was the knockback Minecraft in enchantment definitely one that’s some what useful I wouldn’t say it’s hugely useful

It doesn’t do more damage but at least gives you some breathing space when mobs are attacking you it’s also has no incompatible enchantments to it so basically you can put it on no matter what so you can basically it’s more of a decision of whether you like the enchantment and you want it on

What does knockback Do In Minecraft?

If you or if you think it’s a stupid enchantment so it’s pretty straightforward so I hope you liked the video if you’re interested I’ve been doing a lot of videos on enchantments and I’m just going to be going through all of the enchantments to basically see what they exactly.

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