Lure Minecraft in Enchantment

About the lure Minecraft in enchantment and basically what it does so why don’t we get started so you’re probably asking what exactly is to learn treatment in Minecraft well it is basically a fishing rod enchantment and what it does is it decreases the amount of time for catching something in Lure Minecraft so when you’re usually fishing in Lure Minecraft it takes about five to thirty seconds to catch something

Lurre Minecraft in an Enchantment

What this enchantment does basically at each level it decreases the amount of time by five seconds so instead of taking five to thirty seconds it takes five to 15 seconds so the maximum level of lower is three so cutting it by half is pretty good considering especially if you do a lot of fishing in Lure Minecraft because if you want to fish you get some good XP so if you’re not familiar with how to craft a fishing rod three sticks in that.

What is that set horizontal diagonal well in a pattern in a pattern the sticks in that pattern and then two strings and then you get a fishing rod and if you’re not familiar with how to use it on an anvil you do it this way and that and then it took a chant meant cost of six to get a lower three fishing rod and there you go and then you can start fishing with it so that was the learned chapman in Lure minecraft if you’re getting a fishing rod.

You plan on fishing and you build your fishing farm or your fish farm I guess this is definitely worth getting since it doubles the amount of catches you basically get for the amount of time that you’re fishing so it’s a must-have enchantment for the fishing rod so if you want to check it out.

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

I’ve also been doing a lot of videos on HM it’s a Lure Minecraft and I’m just going to be going through all the enchantments I’ve done a playlist so you can go through that a lot easier but you can check out those videos and hopefully get an idea of what’s worth getting on what’s worth or completely avoiding.

Other Enchantments in Minecraft

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