Power Minecraft in Enchantment

About Power Minecraft in enchantment and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started okay so what the power Minecraft in enchantment is it’s an enchantment for the bow and what it does increase is the arrow damage that a boat does so with a normal arrow

It there is about nine damage or about four and a half hearts of damage now if you have a power Minecraft in enchantment with the formula for it is it’s 25% times the level of Enchantment plus one so if you have power minecraft one it increases the arrow damage by 50% so that means that if you have power one you can get 14 damage or about seven hearts

Power Minecraft Enchantment

Now at the maximum level you can have four power is power level five so that that means that you get one hundred and fifty percent increase in arrow damage and you do 23 damage in about 11 and a half hearts of damage so it’s pretty significant and also it should be noted that it’s compatible with all the other enchantments

So you don’t have to worry about putting this enchantment on and then take not doing another one so if you’re not familiar with crafting bows pretty straightforward three sticks and three string in that pattern and if you’re not familiar with enchanting

You put the bow in there and we’re go do power minecraft level five okay and I’m go throw a zombie in here so we can do a little test and see how powerful this thing is so I got my arrows so that’s one so two strikes so it’s definitely a really useful weapon

If you want to have a bow so that is the power Minecraft in enchantment pretty straightforward you pretty much have no excuse for not putting on your bow if you plan to use bows and also I’ve done a bunch of videos on the other enchantment

What Does Power Do In Minecraft?

So if you want to check out the crossbow enchantment and also done tried any enchantments and some curse enchantments definitely check those out I plan to just go through all the enchantments.

Other Enchantments in Minecraft

There are other enchantments in Minecraft such as:

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