Projectile Protection Minecraft in Enchantment

About projectile protection minecraft impression what did I just say what I’m go be talking about today is projectile protection I’m go keep this in because that was bizarre but basically it’s an armor enchantment and what I’m go do is talk go into detail

Projectile Protection Minecraft Enchantment

About how useful it is or whether it’s just completely avoiding so why don’t we start talking so what projectile protection Minecraft that’s quite a tongue twister but what it does is basically it reduces the amount of damage you get from arrows or fire charges from gasps and blazes so anything that’s considered a projectile in the game

So the maximum level is four and the other thing to consider is it isn’t compatible with blast protection fire Projectile Protection Minecraft and protection so basically you have to choose of those four things if your enchanting your chest plate helmet leggings or boots and what else so it’s pretty straightforward the amount that it reduces damage

So if you look here it’s basically the level of the enchantment times eight so it can be either one which is eight percent or level four which can be thirty-two I’ve done a little table here just to show you guys so eight percent of the top sixteen twenty-four and thirty-two so definitely it’s worth considering having this on your armor if you’re going into something like the nether unless

Besides that in the over world I mean the only thing that can really do any damage to you that would reduce the damage is a skeleton with arrows but or I mean I guess the pillagers also now because they have crossbows but that’s pretty much all it does so it’s a decent enchantment for armor but not the greatest

So that is projectile protection minecraft I hope that was helpful for you guys basically I should also explain about this that a lot of the times with these enchantments when it’s specific to something so for example projectile fire or blast protection it’s pretty good in that specific area but not great in the other areas.

What Does Projectile Protection Do In Minecraft?

As where there’s other Projectile Protection Minecraft enchantments that are okay overall but not as effective so it’s definitely effective if you’re just considering the specific things like projectiles so arrows fire charges from gas and blazes so it’s definitely worth considering but I would actually say that other enchantments are better for your armor so if you’re interested I’ve been doing all of the other enchantments in Projectile Protection Minecraft.

Other Enchantments in Minecraft

There are other enchantments in Minecraft such as:

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