Punch Minecraft in Enchantment

About the punch Minecraft in enchantment and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started so in Minecraft what punches is it’s a bow enchantment so the closest equivalent enchantment is a knock-back so basically what punch minecraft does is when you hit a mob with an arrow and knocks

It back three blocks so if you have level 1 and knocks it back three blocks the maximum level you can get with punch minecraft is two so you can get level two it’ll knock it back six blocks it’s also compatible with all the other enchantments so that’s pretty straightforward

Punch Minecraft in Enchantment

So if you haven’t crafted a bow just three sticks and three stings pretty straightforward and if you’re not familiar with enchanting a bow put it both there you put your punch minecraft two in there and you got your punch minecraft two bow now let’s test this out I’m kind of curious about this so I’m go put a zombie in there so I believe this little thing is about five long so let’s see how it does so yeah I knocked

It back to the whole way so you can definitely see it’s knocking it back about six back so it’s definitely effective so that is the punch minecraft in enchantment is pretty straightforward it’s a somewhat useful for a bow I would definitely say since it takes a while to charge your bow it might give you time to knock the mob back


What Does Punch Do In Minecraft?

So it can’t attack you and then you can hit it with another bow so it’s definitely worth getting it if you have the book and I probably say it’s not worth going out of your way to get it but it’s definitely useful so I hope that was helpful for bone chant mints I’ve done a couple of videos on enchantments so far I’ve done all the Trident enchantments and I’ve done all the crossbow enchantments.

Other Enchantments in Minecraft

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