Quick Charge Minecraft Enchantment

In this tutorial you will acknowledge in full details and explanation about the Quick charge Minecraft with the help of step wise instructions.

The Quick Charge enchantment in Minecraft is to reduce the amount of time that it generally takes to reload a crossbow in Minecraft games. You can also choose to add the Quick Charge enchantment to any of the crossbow using an enchanting table or anvil, or any game command.

Finally enchanted crossbow could be used to fight and notice on how fast the crossbow be reloaded!

What does Quick Charge Do in Minecraft?

Regarding the attraction of quick charges minecraft for crossbows, so I’m going to give you a quick breakdown to let you know how it works with other enhancements for crossbows and how useful it is so let’s get started, so The Quick Charge minecraft Enchantment was introduced.

Along with the 1.14 crossbow, so it only works on the crossbow and what it does is it allows you to load the crossbow quicker, so it has a maximum level of 3, so it should be pretty if it’s like a simple spell. If you understand this, then let’s see how well it works.

Let’s just do a demonstration which is really very quick, so it’s usually quite a bit and if you’re usually running away from the crowd then yes. , You can actually load before they are coming at you.

It’s awe-inspiring, so it’s not inconsistent for other piercing or multi-shot so that you can do it with multi-shot And piercing are also incompatible with each other, so you have to choose one or the other, and I would say how useful that thing is, depending on how likely it is to have a requirement if you are in your inventory all the time in a crossbow.

And you probably only need to add a multi-shot or piercing depending on what you want to do or what your cell is But man does this thing, wow well that is seriously good, so this thing is a good sign for me so that you can tell how excited I was by using the crossbow that is probably the most fun I can find in this game.

 I’m using a crossbow, I’ve always found it a bit cumbersome so if you get one you have a chance to use a quick charge minecraft spells which I would strongly suggest.

Quick Charge Minecraft Supported Platforms

The Quick charge minecraft enchantment is available in the following different versions:

  • Platform
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Supported (Version*)
  • Yes (1.14)
  • Yes (1.10.0)
  • No
  • Yes (1.10.0)
  • No
  • Yes (1.90)
  • No
  • Yes (1.10.0)
  • Yes (1.10.0)
  • Yes (1.12.0)

Quick Charge Minecraft Background

The Quick charge minecraft enchantment is something that allows the time reduction or amount of time taken to reload a crossbow. Here you can choose to add the Quick charge enchantment to any of the crossbow using an enchanting table or anvil or using any other game command where you can choose to use the enchanted crossbow to fight.

This is as simple as to line up all your enemies and then shoot out the fire arrow through them all. The maximum level here for the Quick charge enchantment is considered to Level 3 which means that you can enchant a crossbow to up to quick charge III. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment would be.

  • Enchantment Name                  Quick Charge minecraft
  • Min Level                                     Level 1 (Quick charge Minecraft I)
  • Max Level                                    Level 3 (Quick charge Minecraft III)
  • Description                                 Allows the time reduction that it takes to reload a crossbow
  • Applies to                                    Crossbows
  • How to add Enchantment          1. Enchanting Table

                                                  2. Anvil

                                                  3. /enchant command

Incompatible Enchantments

The Quick charge enchantment cannot be combined with the following given enchantments in Minecraft:


Items to Enchant crossbow with quick charge in Minecraft:

You can choose to Quick charge enchantment in Minecraft with the following different items given below:

  • Enchanted book        -How to make an Enchanted Book
  • Crossbow                   -How to make a Crossbow

Hold the Enchanted Crossbow

Once you get yourself a crossbow enchanted with quick charge, then there you need to hold the enchanted crossbow in your hand to be used. The moment when you attack with this enchanted crossbow, the arrows will start appearing when fired from the crossbow that shows how fast you can reload the crossbow.

Let’s us now see what happens when attacked a creeper at a time (lined up) with a crossbow, enchanted with quick charge minecraft.

It will pass through as soon the arrow strikes the first entity and you would be able to quickly reload the next arrow where the crossbow is enchanted with a quick charge and then strike the next object just behind it.

In this example tutorial, the arrow fired from the crossbow will pierced through the first appearing creeper and would kill the creeper behind it. Hence this is all about the Quick charge Minecraft.

Other Enchantments

Given below are some other enchantments in Minecraft listed here:

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