Soul Speed Minecraft in Enchantment

Soul speed Minecraft in enchantment maybe you’ve just been given an item up from a piggelin and he’s all like here have some salt speed and you’re like maybe some minecraft aficionado you saw this soul speed minecraft. about soul speed minecraft explain whatever the title of this video is we’re go talk about this soul speed minecraft enchantment what it does what it is how you use it how you enchant it how fast you go on that’s the different things everything about

it so here we are inside of Minecraft and I have created this incredible course for us to take a look at everything so speed related I have this crazy system set up what won’t say yeah hello this crazy system set up there it goes I have no idea why that didn’t work before but it is going to calculate exactly how long it takes me to walk from one side of this arena to the other this is a very simple command basically every command block in this chain is going to place another command block down exactly sure

Soul Speed Minecraft in Enchantment

if that’s like one tick or two takes it doesn’t matter it’s a very consistent way to measure and I could have done this with scoreboards but I’m not that smart so let’s start with basics what is soul speed minecraft so speed is an enchantment that you can put on to boots it comes in varieties of ones and threes and twos why didn’t I go in order because I’m a random how do you get it well you don’t get it in the overworld you have to get it in the nether I’ve created a system a simple system where I can give these piglets hear gold and they will barter and drop their barters down on the ground I have a video about this that’s like more automated if you want to watch it but bartering is the only way to get soul speed and it comes in a few different varieties comes as already enchanted iron boots and then every once in a while it will come as a enchanted book that you could apply to any type of boot and this was about I’d say four stacks of gold

it took me to get this mini soul speed minecraft enchantments and that’s so you got to have quite a lot of gold in order to get the soul speed minecraft stuff in order for you to enchant it and this is only social speed too and I have a social season speed three so if you wanted some type of diamond or another right boot that had some speed three it would take quite a lot of gold in order to randomly get this from bartering so I’m holding this soul speed minecraft one boot in my hand and I’m just going to right click so it will equip as I’m walking so you can see that I’m on Sol sand and the moment I put on these boots I move much faster and you also get these really cool / creepy particles so this is really all the enchantment does is it makes

your movement speed on Sol sand and soul soil faster but how much faster you ask well that’s why we have this crazy contraption and arena setup so first we are going to remove all of our boots and get a nice control a baseline if you will for every time that I run across the arena I’m go be holding down the sprint key and just moving straight ahead not looking anywhere else you can see on the side that my timer is increasing and then as I get to the very end it will stop and I’ve actually gone ahead and marked off all of the places that this all works that this stops at so that makes it a little bit easy so normal sprinting is right here what I’ve done is these blocks are in lines of 30 why not 10 or 20 to make it easier on myself

because I’m stupid I don’t know so you can count 30 60 90 and then we have this group here every iron bar denotes a level of 10 so we’re at 90 that’s 10 and then if you count over you get to what is this so that would be 10 so that’s 9 8 so 108 there you go 108 out so I’ve written it down right here normal blocks with normal boots or not soul sand boots and I’m sprinting I will move 108 blocks or I’ll take 108 whatever units of I am that this will tally to move from here to there 108 is the number to remember if I do the exact same experiment but this time on soul speed then we’ll see just how long it’ll take me I move very slowly even though I’m sprinting and I decided that spring jumping would just cause way too much of a like a difference every single time that that happened so you can see that it is quite a lot longer

where this was normal speed on normal blocks this is slow speed minecraft on the sole sand with normal boots and we wrote that down right here that is 185 units of time so you can see by the graph and or by the numbers over there that you move incredibly slow on Soul speed minecraft sand but what about Sol soil so this is this new block in Minecraft 1.16 well as you can see I actually move very fast and I move exactly the same amount of speed as I did on normal blocks that’s because Soul does not change your movement speed it’s just like a normal block that you’re standing on Sol sand is the only thing that really slows you down

so you have the exact same speed on Soul as you do on normal blocks now here is where it gets interesting let’s go ahead and add one level of Soul speed minecraft to our character so we have social speed number wound on these leather boots and it does not matter the material so don’t think you’re go get any faster by using nether right and this enchantment does not affect normal blocks it only affects soul soil and soul sand so we can really just stop running on this half of the track at this point half I guess I should say third get your fractions right Chad so here we go soul speed minecraft number one you can see that this is way faster than it was before and you can also you can already see I mean I’ve already put the Box down

so you can see that that is the spot where it stops and we can check that that is now a time of 77 to move across this arena well what is it on Sol soil because sand slows you down whenever you’re walking on it but so soil doesn’t so this must be so much faster what now that I’m on sole sorrow I can already feel that I am moving just so fast oh wait is that that was the same time that is supposed to be one way of saying it is this correct oh yeah oh yeah it is so what is interesting to me something that I learned this episode while making it I assumed that you would move a lot faster on sole soil because it didn’t already negate your speed but I found that soul speed minecraft all it does is remove the slowness from the soul speed minecraft so it makes soul sand basically a normal block and then also gives you a movement buff


so all of the speeds for soul sand and soul soil will be the same based off of whatever your enchantment level is that you have with soul speed minecraft on them today I learned today I learned a thing I didn’t know that was the thing that I learned a thing so we can take off soul speed minecraft number one place that back in the chest and upgrade to soul speed minecraft number two I’m go reset the big board and just run across whoops I kind of wait a second let me let me just reset this all over again Because I didn’t get

it very good no stop counting ah okay well I guess I have to stop it over here luckily I’m a redstone expert and so even if I screw up my own clock well I can feel the speed I feel like I’m speedy there we go so this went ahead and ended you can see this was so speed one so speed 2 and soul speed minecraft 2 gave me a time unit of 72 so not a nice little upgrade and why not let’s just try soul speed minecraft 3 on the soul soil because we can so let’s go ahead and stand on this get lined up and sprint across our arena and the final time down here matches up with our big board so let’s take a quick look at this before I show you the number and that is normal speed on normal blocks normal speed on Sol sand blocks and then one two and three

so it does make you an awful lot faster and the last ending time is 67 so normal blocks is a hundred and eight then you go down to 77 72 and 67 and then with soul sand you started at a hundred and eighty-five and then you moved on to 77 72 and 67 now I’ve been in creative mode the entire time that I have been testing this out what does that mean the biggest difference is that I will not take durability on the items so whenever you walk across soul sand or soul soil whenever you have the soul speed minecraft in enchantment it will affect the durability of that item I’ve gone ahead and switched into survival mode went ahead and put on the soul speed minecraft boots and you can see as I walk across this arena I didn’t reset the clock

I’m not really worried about the clock there you can see that the durability has gone down quite a lot for such a small amount of every time that you move across a block you have a 4% chance that that armor piece that whatever is enchanted with so speed will take a durability hit so if you move 100 blocks theoretically and it’s not quite hostesses works but if you move 100 blocks generally you will take a for durability hit on your boots now that didn’t really work out here because I took a three durability hit on these boots and

I happen to know that it’s basically at 30 blocks of base so I the statistics really hurt my boots here now there is some good news and that is that unbreaking does work with the soul speed minecraft enchantment so if you want to keep your boots around for longer you can add on braking to them and then they will degrade less just like any other type of armor or weapon also you can add mending on to these boots and then you can use your normal experience that you collect throughout the day to mend up these boots and not have to constantly repair them in conclusion sole speed makes move faster on soul type blocks is this a game changer is this absolutely the best thing in the absolute world probably not because soul soil type things don’t happen all that often

I could see this not being all that useful although people are go get creative with it and people already have and I’m going to avoid showing off any exploits in Minecraft that take like an absurd advantage of this soul speed minecraft because who knows we’re still in snapshots so that could all be developed out of the game but where I really see something like this being used is most likely in nether hubs currently in other hubs a lot of people use ice and boats to move around very fast and I could see that being replaced with soul soil and soul speed minecraft that way you can control your character a lot easier it’s way simpler just to walk or sprint instead of needing to deal with a boat and

it also feel very nether e another sequel another like to need to walk on a soul soil instead of having all this ice in the nether which is just like does not make sense how is it that water can’t exist in the nether but I scan like that is logically that makes no sense just a prediction obviously I don’t know and so this is a way it’s just sort of add a fast way of travel inside of the nether do you need to have this enchanted on your boots all the time probably not

What Does Soul Speed Do In Minecraft?

but if you’re someone who’s going to be spending a ton of time in the nether this would be an enchantment for you so there you go everything you need to know about the soul speed minecraft enchantment how to get it how to apply it where it works and if you should name your first child after it welcome Mike at soul speed minecraft one I’m kidding I didn’t name you after soul speed minecraft.

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