Thorns Minecraft in Enchantment

About the Thorns Minecraft in enchantment and minecraft and what it exactly does so why don’t we get started so what exactly is the thorns Minecraft and Chapman and minecraft you might be asking well it is an enchantment for your armor so basically you can enchant your helmet your chest plate your leggings and your boots with it and

What it exactly does is it inflicts 1 to 4 damage there’s about a chance of whatever the enchantment level is times 15% so the maximum level is 3 so the maximum level of the enchantment could be as high as 45% so it can be from anything from melee attacks aerial attacks or projectile attacks

Thorns Minecraft in Enchantment

Whenever it flicks damage it decreases the durability by 3 that’s only when it inflicts damage remember that and all of these are kind of separate for each piece of armor so it’s possible that you could have thought thorns Minecraft on every single piece of armor and one might inflict damage and one might not etc.

So I mean crafting this stuff is pretty straightforward that’s a chest plate that’s leggings boots and a helmet and what I’m go do is chant every single piece of armor that I’m going to wear so that took 12 to get thorns 3 on my helmet chest plate let’s see thorns Minecraft 3 leggings thorns Minecraft 3 ok hopefully this works

Because I’m just go test this out and see what happens so I’m not going in there with any weapons there’s a zombie in here so I’m go see what the zombie does now let’s try this out so attacks me it does damage to it so it did damage to itself when it attacked me as you can tell I have full armor and hearts so it did damage to it when I attacked me again so doing any damage to me

So it did damage to itself it did have a heart attack to me so you can see it’s doing damage to itself when it’s a hitting me but it’s not doing much is it well there you go so as you saw hopefully you saw it’s kind of stupid that I did that with the camera

but when it tried to attack me it inflicted thorns Minecraft damage to it so and it killed it so it’s definitely possible if you’re getting hit by a mob to kill it via thorns Minecraft which is kind of odd so that is the thorns Minecraft in enchantment definitely in the armor enchantment you should consider putting on I mean there’s nothing that it’s not compatible with so you can pretty much it’s a decision of whether you want it on your armor.

You have the enchantment to put on your armor or if you just think it’s completely useless and you just don’t want it on your armor I would say it’s definitely worth considering putting on your armor because at least it does some extra damage to any mod that attacks you although

What Does Thorns Do In Minecraft?

I don’t know if you necessarily need it on every single piece of armor you have but I mean it would be ideally nice if you could actually put it on every piece of armor so that’s your conundrum to think.

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