Advancement in Minecraft

The feature of Advancements was added to Minecraft in Java Edition 1.12. The advancement system is thanks to gradually guide players through the sport, providing them with an ordered list of challenges to finish. This technique replaces the previous “Achievements” system.

The names of advancements in minecraft sound more sort of a sort of action, compared to the previous achievement names. However, the names also can be customized through a JSON file. As players complete various tasks within their Minecraft world they earn advancements. Unlocking advancements doesn’t grant players any physical benefits to gameplay, they’re simply how of documenting what a player has accomplished.

They also function how for players to ascertain how far their fellow players have progressed within a specific Minecraft world. There is 1 new advancement in Snapshot 20w14∞, it’s called “Almost There” you would like to travel to 1 billion dimensions. When advancement is earned, all players within the Minecraft world will receive the subsequent server message: “has made the advancement [Advancement Name].”

Advancement icons display a header name and outline when hovered over. They only appear during a tree when the advancement before it’s completed, although, as stated before, advancements are often completed in any order. Challenge advancements in minecraft have a sharper appearance while goal advancements in minecraft are more rounded icon frames. The advancement icon will turn dark-golden when completed but will remain light-grey in the beginning.

TIP: Advancements in minecraft are an excellent thanks to guide new players through the sport.

In Minecraft, you’ll also use the /advancement command to offer or deduct an advancement.

List of Advancements in minecraft

Advancements are divided into 5 categories:

Minecraft: The story and therefore the heart of the sport.

Adventure: Adventure, exploration, and combat.

Nether: Bring summer clothes.

The End: Or the beginning?

Husbandry: The planet is filled with Friends and Food.

Advancement nameIn-game description
MinecraftThe heart story of the game
Stone AgeMine stone with your new Pickaxe.
Getting an UpgradeConstruct a better pickaxe.
Acquire HardwareSmelt an Iron Ingot.
Suit Up with a piece of iron Armor protect yourself
Hot StuffA Bucket to be filled with Lava.
Isn’t It Iron Pick your pickaxe to be upgraded
Not Today, Thank YouAn Arrow to be Deflected with a Shield.
Ice Bucket ChallengeA block of Obsidian to be formed and mined.
Diamonds!Acquire Diamonds.
We Need to Go DeeperBuild, light and enter into a Nether Portal.
Cover Me With Diamonds lives saved by Diamond armor
EnchanterAn Enchantment Table for Enchanting an item.
Zombie DoctorTo cure a Zombie Villager.
Eye SpyFollow an Eye of Ender to be followed
The End?Finally the End Portal.


Advancement nameIn-game description
NetherBrings up summer clothes.
Subspace BubbleTo travel 7km in the Overworld, the Nether to be used
A Terrible FortressYour way to be broken into a Nether Fortress.
Return to SenderA Ghast to be destroyed with a fireball.
Into FireA Blaze to be Relieve of its rod.
Spooky Scary SkeletonA Wither Skeleton’s skull to be obtained.
Uneasy AllianceA Ghast to be rescued from the Nether, to be bought safely home to the Overworld and be killed.
Local BreweryA Potion to be Brewed.
Withering Heights The Wither to be summoned.
A Furious Cocktail Every potion Status Effect applied at the same time.
Bring Home the BeaconA Beacon to be constructed and placed.
How Did We Get Here?All effects applied at the same time.
BeaconatorA beacon to be bought to full power.

The End

Advancement nameIn-game description
The End the beginning
Free the End Try with Good luck
The Next GenerationHold on to the Dragon Egg.
Remote GatewayThe island to be escaped
The End…Again…The Ender Dragon to be Respawned
You Need a MintDragon’s breath to be collected in a Glass Bottle.
The City at the End of the Game what could happen in ?
Sky’s the LimitAn Elytra to be found
Great View From Up HereLevitate 50 blocks up from the attacks of a Shulker.


Advancement NameIn-game Description
AdventureAdventure, combat, and exploration.
Monster HunterAny Hostile monster to be killed
Sweet DreamsYour Spawn point to be changed
PostmortalA Totem of Undying to be used to cheat death.
Monsters HuntedOne of every hostile monsters to be killed
Take AimShoot something to be done with a Bow and Arrow.
Sniper DuelA Skeleton to be killed with an arrow from more than 50 blocks.
What a Deal!Now Successfully trade with Villagers.
Hired HelpAn Iron Golem to be summoned to help defend a Village.
Adventuring TimeEvery Biome to be Discovered
A Throwaway JokeYour Trident to be thrown at something
Bee our Guest
A Campfire to be used to collect honey from a beehive without aggravating the bees.
Total BeelocationA Bee Nest to be moved and placed with 3 bees  using Silk Touch.
Sticky SituationNow Craft a Honey Block.


Advancement nameIn-game description   
The Parrots and the BatsNow two animals to be breed together   
Two by TwoNow all the animals to be breed   
Best Friends ForeverAn animal to be tamed   
Serious DedicationNow use up a diamond Hoe to reevaluate your life choices.   
A Balanced DietEat everything, edible,.   

How to Earn an Advancement in Minecraft?

  • When you complete a challenge in Minecraft, you’ll earn an advancement. Let’s show you ways to earn the advancement called “Stone Age”.
  • To earn the “Stone Age”, it’s simple. Just mine stone with a pickaxe then devour the resulting cobblestone.
  • Once you’ve mined the stone with a pickaxe and picked up the cobblestone, you’ll see the Advancement message within the top right of the sport window “Advancement Made! Stone Age” appear. You’ll also see an advancement message within the Chat window that says “Player name has made the advancement [Stone Age]”.
  • This message is broadcast to all or any players on the server.

How to View your Advancements in minecraft?

  • Advancements are found under the sport Menu in Minecraft.
  • To open the sport Menu, press the esc key in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac).
  • Then view your advancements by clicking on the Advancements button within the Game Menu.
  • Your Advancements window should appear as if this:
  • The Advancements window shows 5 tabs – one for every category (Adventure, The End, Nether, Husbandry, Minecraft). The Advancements window shows a kind of tree structure with arrows pointing to subsequent advancements that you simply can earn.
  • If you over an advancement in minecraft, you’ll see the advancement name and therefore the requirements to urge the advancement. During this example, the advancement is named “Stone Age” and therefore the requirement is to “Mine stone together with your new pickaxe”.

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