Difficulty Modes in Minecraft

Difficulty, an option available in Minecraft Games which can easily be accessed via the options menu present. This default setting ascertain the rate at which a player’s starvation points diminish in their food bar, the frequent rate at which the Mobs spawns and determination of their power or power rate, damage demise rate by starvation, etc.

Generally in Minecraft games there are four difficulty levels that you can choose to play i;e, Peaceful mode, Easy mode, Normal mode and hard mode. Let us learn with brief description about all these four modes.

1. Peaceful Mode: peaceful mode being the safest mode in Minecraft Games where in this mode, hostile mobs will not spawn and come across damages. The ender Dragon is considered the boss mob in the End biome where it will spawn in Peaceful mode. The damages will occur from physical world being lava, drowning, or falling from heights. The health bar will slowly replenish if you are damaged. You will not get hungry and your food bar will not decrease. This shall stop you from being able to eat. You will only be able to eat golden apples.

2. Easy Mode: Easy mode being harder than Peaceful mode. Hostile mobs will spawn but it will face less damage than normal mode when playing easy mode. Any harmful status effects will not be caused by the mobs. As an example give spiders will also not poison you and wither boss will not cause you wither effect.

If you take damage from the physical word such as Lava drowning or falls. Your food bar will decrease and you will get hungry. You will have to eat food to replenish your food bar. Hunger can only take your health bar down to 5 Hearts if your food bar is depleted. You will not die from hunger in Easy mode.

3.Normal Mode: Normal mode is appraised as the standard mode in Minecraft games where the hostile mobs will spawn quickly to deal with the standard damage. Mobs sometimes results in harmful status effects like the poison or the Wither effect. Here in the damages occurs from the physical world as lava, drowning and the fall damages that turns out to be destruction.

Gradually your food bar will deplete where you will starve out of hunger where you will be in need to get food. If some how your food bar keeps depleting then your health bar may fall down to 0.5 hearts which not result in your death in normal mode.

4. Hard Mode: Normal mode is easier than hard mode. Hostile mobs spawn and deal more damage in hard mode than normal mode. Harmful status effects can be caused by the mobs such as poison or the wither effect.

More damage will be taken from the physical world such as Lava, drowning or fall damage. You will get hungry and need to eat as your food bar will deplete. You can also die from hunger in hard mode.

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