How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft PC?

Taming a horse in Minecraft is required to ride or breed a horse. You can unambiguously tame a horse by repeatedly ascending it or feeding it with apples.

METHOD 1: To Tame a Horse in Minecarft: Mounting a Horse to Tame it

  • Locate a horse: Horses are habitually found in plains biosphere. These Plains bio-mes are comparatively flat with few trees and generally are greenery atmosphere.
  • Right-click the horse with an empty hand: This will prepare the horse which will likely resist you off after a few seconds is one simple process to tame horse in Minecraft.
  • Keep mounting the horse repeatedly: Every time the horse resist you off, try getting back on and If it doesn’t, then just stay on. Once the horse is tamed, hearts appear over the horse which is an indication that the horse has been tamed.

• It becomes more easier for you to tame a horse via feeding it with apples acquired by breaking oak leave blocks where you would not need any tools to do the same.
• You can choose to breed two tamed horse via close accessibility by feeding them until hearts appear over their head. These two key points are important to tame a horse in Minecraft.

METHOD 2: To Tame a horse in Minecraft: CRAFTING AND USING HORSE ITEMS

  • Craft a lead: Leads could be crafted out of 4 spider strings and using some slime balls avail oneself of crafting table. These spider string and slime balls are acquired after killing spiders and slime severally where Slime quagmire in Swamp type habitats.
  • Equip the lead: The lead may looks like a leash which need to be placed in your toolbar with the required slot to equip it.
  • Place the reticle on a tamed horse: simply select it and right click on it which will place the lead around the horse where you can also make the horses walk.
  • Click a fence post to tether the horse: Simply click a fence post to shackle the horse while walking a horse with the leads which holds it off from wandering off. These Fence posts could be crafted out of wood for you to tame a horse in Minecraft.
  • Craft horse armor: These Horse armor is a cunning process out of 7 leather, iron, gold, and a diamond ply a crafting table. One way of obtaining Leather could be by slaughtering cows whereas Iron, Gold, and Diamond are mined to get so. The Iron and gold ores are smelted in a furnace to create iron and gold bars.
  • Mount a tamed horse and press E: This will open your inventory with the horse menu where you can transfer from your own inventory to the horse.
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  • Drag the horse armor to the armor slot: The armor slot takes after to the top side of a horse where if required could drag the horse armor from your own inventory to this slot.
  • Put a chest on a mule or a donkey: Now Place a chest in your toolbar with the required slot to equip by Right-clicking on the mule or donkey’s back which will put the chest( crafted from 8 wood plank blocks) on the mule or donkey.
  • Obtain a saddle: This is one important step to tame a horse in Minecraft. A saddle is generally call for to ride a horse after once tamed. Saddles being as one of the few items which cannot be crafted so you ought to find a horse saddle in chests in dungeons or either in nether fortresses. A saddle could also be catch while fishing.
  • Mount the horse and press E: This is to display your inventory along with the horse menu at the top where you will be able to transfer from your own inventory to the horse.
  • Drag the saddle to the horse armor slot: This slot takes after a horse saddle in the upper-left corner for the horse inventory which will places the saddle on the horse. Once the horse saddle is equipped you may now mount the horse and control it using the “W” “S”, “A”, and “D” keys. Moreover you can choose to jump by pressing the space bar.
  • Locate a name tag: Like the saddle, crafting of name tag is not possible which could be found in dungeon chests and within nether fortress chests.
  • Use an anvil to engrave a name Tag: To carve a name on a name tag, you need to have the name tag in your inventory and just right-click on an anvil. Here then drag the name tag to the first slot present in the Anvil menu. Click on “Repair and name” and delete “Name tag” in the box and type the name of the horse of your choice.
  • Equip the name tag: The name tag to be placed in your toolbar and highlight it in your inventory in order to tame a horse in Minecraft.
  • Place the reticle on a horse. This will place the name tag on the horse and will names your horse, then you will see the horses name above it. Hence is the last procedure to tame a horse in Minecraft

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