Statistics Minecraft

What is Statistics Minecraft?

Generally when you play games in Statistics Minecraft Games, there you craft items, deal with damages, kills mobs, and also jump and trade with villagers.

While you do so throughout the game, it keeps a track of each of these activities, the no of time you do. This is what is called Statistics where all these information are saved in your world of the game.

To reset your statistics minecraft, you can opt to use the achievement command within Minecraft Jana Edition (Java/Mac).

Statistics Minecraft

List of Statistics Minecraft Games:

CategoryStatisticMinecraft ID (PC)
GeneralAnimals Bredstat.animalsBred
GeneralArmor Pieces Cleanedstat.armorCleaned
GeneralBanners Cleanedstat.bannerCleaned
GeneralInteractions with Beaconstat.beaconInteraction
GeneralDistance by Boatstat.boatOneCm
ItemsTime Depletedstat.breakItem.minecraft.<breakable_item>
Example: stat.breakItem.minecraft.iron_shovel
GeneralInteractions with Brewing Standstat.brewingstandInteraction
GeneralCake Slices Eatenstat.cakeSlicesEaten
GeneralCauldrons Filledstat.cauldronFilled
GeneralWater Taken from Cauldronstat.cauldronUsed
GeneralChests Openedstat.chestOpened
GeneralDistance Climbedstat.climbOneCm
GeneralInteractions with Crafting Tablestat.craftingTableInteraction
Blocks, ItemsTimes Craftedstat.craftItem.minecraft.<name>
Example: stat.craftItem.minecraft.hay_block
GeneralDistance Crouchedstat.crouchOneCm
GeneralDistance Dovestat.diveOneCm
GeneralItems Droppedstat.drop
GeneralDamage Dealtstat.damageDealt
GeneralDamage Takenstat.damageTaken
GeneralNumber of Deathsstat.deaths
GeneralDroppers Searchedstat.dropperInspected
GeneralDispensers Searchedstat.dispenserInspected
GeneralEnder Chests Openedstat.enderchestOpened
MobsMob Killed Youstat.entityKilledBy.<mob_type>
Example: stat.entityKilledBy.Creeper
GeneralDistance Fallenstat.fallOneCm
GeneralDistance Flownstat.flyOneCm
GeneralFish Caughtstat.fishCaught
GeneralPlants pottedstat.flowerPotted
GeneralInteractions with Furnacestat.furnaceInteraction
GeneralDistance by Horsestat.horseOneCm
GeneralHoppers Searchedstat.hopperInspected
GeneralItems Enchantedstat.itemEnchanted
GeneralJunk Fishedstat.junkFished
MobsYou Killed Mobstat.killEntity.<mob_type>
Example: stat.killEntity.Creeper
GeneralGames quitstat.leaveGame
BlocksTimes Minedstat.mineBlock.minecraft.<name>
Example: stat.mineBlock.minecraft.stone
GeneralDistance by Minecartstat.minecartOneCm
GeneralMob Killsstat.mobKills
GeneralNoteblocks playedstat.noteblockPlayed
GeneralNoteblocks tunedstat.noteblockTuned
GeneralMinutes Playedstat.playOneMinute
GeneralDistance by Pigstat.pigOneCm
GeneralPlayer Killsstat.playerKills
GeneralRecords Playedstat.recordPlayed
GeneralDistance Sprintedstat.sprintOneCm
GeneralDistance Swumstat.swimOneCm
GeneralSince Last Deathstat.timeSinceDeath
GeneralTreasure Fishedstat.treasureFished
GeneralTalked to Villagersstat.talkedToVillager
GeneralTraded with Villagersstat.tradedWithVillager
GeneralTrapped Chests Triggeredstat.trappedChestTriggered
Blocks, ItemsTimes Usedstat.useItem.minecraft.<minecraft_name>
Example: stat.useItem.minecraft.stone
GeneralDistance Walkedstat.walkOneCm

How to View Your Statistics Minecraft:

Statistics Minecraft could be viewed under the Game Menu in Minecraft. Given below are the steps to open the Menu Bar.

  • Choose and click esc key in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Click on the Statistics button to be viewed in the Game Menu.
  • There are four categories for the statistics Minecarft – General, Blocks, Items and Mobs.
  • General: As soon as you open the Statistics window, the General statistics will be displayed as default.
  • Blocks: Once clicked on the Blocks button, it will immediately show you your statistics minecraft related to Blocks in 4 different columns. The first one shows you a picture of the block, second displays the number of times items crafted, third displays the number of times used and the fourth column shows the number of times mining done.
  • Items: Once you click on the Items button, it displays you the statistics minecraft related to Items in 4 different columns. The first one displays you a picture of the item, the second one shows the number of times depleted, the third one informs the number of times crafted and the last/ fourth column displays the number of times used.
  • Mobs: Once you click into the Mobs button, it will immediately showcase you the statistics related to mobs (i.e.: Creeper, Skeleton, Spider, Zombie, etc). It encounters the number of times you killed the mob and the number of times the mob killed you.
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