Texture Packs in Minecraft

Texture packs in Minecraft, also called resource packs in latest version, ascertains the texture of the blocks, items and mobs in your inventory in Majong Studios Games. These resource packs are liable for the design and look of your game, right from adding colour to visual effects in meld/combination with Minecraft skins which are accessible in both paid and unpaid version. But the look of you game depends utterly on the genre of the Minecraft texture packs you opt for.

How to download or install Texture Packs!

If you haven’t played the play for a long while, then the rules might appear to have changed with the Bedrock Edition of game, available in free and paid version for resource packs built-in store. An open source texture pack is no more available. Hereby installing a texture packs is simple step to be followed and even if so, the texture packs doesn’t work then would need to roll back your version of Minecraft to older iteration.

( Note: All of these Minecraft texture packs will only work in JAVA Edition, the classic version of Minecraft )

Texture Packs Steps:

  • Download the texture pack (it may come in a .Zip file) boot up Minecraft.
  • Choose and click options.
  • Next choose and click “Resource Pack”.
  • Now choose and click on “Open Resource Pack Folder” appears on the screen.
  • Now from here, drag the texture pack file into the folder.
  • Now the texture file will appear in the list of usable odd-ons.

Now that we’re familiar with the Minecraft Texture Packs, let us explore few examples for the same:

  1. LB Photo Realism Pack: Although Minecraft is built with simple and inventive approach where users sometimes want their gaming world bit gleamy and attractive with beauty. That’s exactly what LB Photo Realism Pack is for. Every texture of this pack has been designed and reworked to make it look realistic, right from shimmering water surface to how trees appear more textured.
  • Brix: Have already heard for Minecraft to be known as “video game Lego” which Brix texture pack makes it to be precise and probable. This pack transforms every block into Lego piece with studs that connects each box together which makes it appear like a stunt which is a another cool look.
  • Just Timm’s Vanilla Addition: This is a bit different texture pack which doesn’t show the effect at once but in details and is the reason why we call it magical pack. This is to maintain the originality of the Minecraft look while adding different changes with time. This pack is just to make the appearance look better.
  • Pastel Craft by XradicalD: This texture pack is an exclusive pastel colour palette where the effects could be seen best at the clouds and the grass via the picture shown. This is considered a colour mode indeed, and not just colours but also changes the models to have a certain fluffiness in it’s appearance.
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  • Retro NES: Minecraft evokes a 8-bit nostalgia that every gaming user aspires for   over a certain age are susceptible to. In this texture pack called Retro NES pack, you can choose to turn the clock back and relive your youth and gain life again. Now you will just need to get to the Nether and turn the whole place into one big Bowser fortress.
  • John Smith: This is the best fantasy pack out there in Minecraft, be it building a castle via a sprawling courtyard or a fancy creation for a western theme park with killer robots, John Smith pack has all of it and all. This is the most preferred and like pack in Minecraft games for many players across the globe in Gaming Minecraft world.
  • Depixel: It is been observed that players don’t use the default Minecraft Texture since it takes hours for the default change of the Depixel pack as you might lose the game before those muddy textures outstay their welcome. Also changing things drastically in the Minecraft game mode makes it look weird and unattractive. Therefore in betweeners out there should opt the Depixel pack which appears like a plastic wrap structure that maintain the original style and format.

( Note: There are still many various Texture packs being launched with time passing by, which the players will cross by with the update of the Majong Studios Game.)

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