How to Use a Cartography Table Minecraft

A cartography table Minecraft is a cartographer’s job site block that’s generated in villages. It’s used for cloning, zooming out, and locking maps.

Cartography table Minecraft are used for cloning, expanding, locking (making them unable to be explored further), and zooming out maps. Cartography tables in Minecraft also can be used for adding tips that could map, creating empty maps and renaming maps.

Zooming out a map always starts with an existing map, not a blank map. Zooming it out clears the image but leaves the map aligned to the grid that might include the world of the first map. To create a group of maps like for a map wall, a player cannot create several level 0 (base) maps at one location then zoom them out before going out into the planet to fill them in; the player must start with a base map created in each area to be covered by the zoomed out map. See more discussion of map alignment at Map.

Block loot: Cartography Table Minecraft drops itself when broken with the right tool if any is assigned. ask the Obtaining section for more info.

Fuel: A cartography table Minecraft is often used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 items per block.

Changing profession: If a village features a cartography table Minecraft that has not been claimed by a villager, any nearby villager who hasn’t chosen employment site block features a chance to vary their profession to the cartographer.

Sources: A cartography table Minecraft could also be generated in certain buildings during a Village, but as long as the village generated following the discharge of update 1.14. It is often crafted by employing a Crafting Table Minecraft.

Uses: The cartography table Minecraft is often utilized in cloning, zooming out, and expanding maps. If a village features a cartography table but no cartographer, any nearby Villager without a profession features a chance to become a cartographer.

Mechanics: A cartography table Minecraft is often wont to enlarge, copy, or lock a map. A map are often enlarged by combining an existing map and a bit of Paper within the cartography table; A map is often copied by placing it into the table with an empty map; A map is often locked in its current state by placing it within the table with a Glass Panel.

Crafting: To craft a cartography table in Minecraft is a simple procedure using four wooden planks of any type with two pieces of paper. It can also be crafted within a 2×2 inventory grid (only in Bedrock Edition).


The cartography table Minecraft is a new table that permits you to more efficiently work with maps within the game. you’ll use a cartography table to upgrade a map to a bigger size, copy a map, and lock a map. Let’s explore the way to use a cartography table Minecraft.

Materials Required to be used to Cartography Table Minecraft

In Minecraft, these are a number of the things you’ll use during a cartography table:

What You’ll do with a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

Since there are numerous things that you simply can do with a cartography table, we’ve broken out each activity into its own page. Select one among the activities below:

  • Increase the dimensions of a map employing a Cartography Table
  • Make a replica of a map employing a Cartography Table
  • Lock a map employing a Cartography Table

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