How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

In this tutorial you will be learning with explanation on how to craft or to make a “shield” which is one of the defensive items among the items of armor in Minecraft with step wise instructions. Shields itself means protection, means that it will protect the players from various attacks in the Minecraft Game.

Making Shields are as easy as it sounds, simply requires arrangement arrange of six planks in a crafting grid in a Y-shape, with a  pop of an iron ingot into the top of the Y. This could also be done via Armourer villagers in exchange for five emeralds. Once the shield is crafted, you can choose to customise it accordingly. These could be enchanted too – with unbreaking, mending, curse of vanishing if you’re feeling dangerous

Shield in Minecraft Supported Platforms

A shield could be available in the following different versions of Minecraft:

Platform                                Supported (Version*)

Java Edition (PC/Mac)                                      Yes (1.9)

Pocket Edition (PE)                                           Yes (1.10.0)

Xbox 360                                                          No

Xbox One                                                          (1.10.0)

PS3 PS3                                                             No

PS4 PS4                                                             Yes (1.90)

Wii U                                                                  No

Nintendo Switch                                                (1.10.0)

Windows 10 Edition                                             Yes (1.10.0)

Education Edition                                                Yes (1.12.0)

Required Materials to make a Shield in Minecraft

These are the materials required to craft/make a shield in Minecraft:

  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 6 Oak Planks
  • 6 Spruce Planks
  • 6 Birch Planks
  • 6 Jungle Planks
  • 6 Acacia Planks
  • 6 Dark Oak Planks

How to Craft/Make a Shield in Minecraft in Survival Mode

  • Open the Crafting Menu

At First, you will need to open your crafting table to have the 3×3 crafting grid that look exactly like the picture shown below.

  • Add Items to make a Shield

In the crafting menu, you will come to see a crafting area made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. In order to make a shield, you must place 1 iron ingot and 6 wood planks in the 3×3 crafting grid.

While crafting with wood planks, you can choose to use any kind of wood planks, be it oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak wood planks. In this example tutorial, we will be using oak wood planks.

While crafting a shield, the iron ingot and wood planks should be placed in the exact pattern as the image shown below. In the first row, it should be 1 wood plank in the first box, 1 iron ingot in the second box and 1 wood plank in the third box. In the second row, it should be 3 wood planks. In the third row, it should be 1 wood plank in the second box. This is what exactly how to make a shield in Minecraft or the crafting recipe for a shield. Now once the crafting area is filled correctly with the correct pattern, the shield will display in the box to the right.

  • Move the Shield to Inventory

Once your crafted shield is ready, you will now need to move the new item to your inventory where it will be displayed. Congratulations on crafting a shield in Minecraft, which could be now customize with patterns, stripes and colours.

Things to Make with Shields in Minecraftt

You can use shields to make items in Minecraft such as:
• How to Make a Custom Shield

Things to Do with Shields in Minecraft

Here are some activities that you can do with shields in Minecraft:
• How to Put An Armor
• How to Tame a Pillager

Command Generators in Minecraft

If you need help, you can use this tool to automatically generate custom shield commands for you:

• Give Custom Shield Generator

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