Impaling in Minecraft

Damage against sea creature mods such as guardians, elder guardians, squids, dolphins, and turtles is increased by Impaling in Minecraft. Any trident can be added using Impaling in Minecraft with help of enchantment table or anvil. Meaning that a trident with up to Impaling V can be enchanted.

Impaling  Supported Platforms in Minecraft

In the following versions Impaling Enchantment is available in Minecraft:

Platform                          Supported (Version*)

Java Edition (PC/Mac)             Yes (1.13)

Pocket Edition (PE)                  Yes (1.4.0)

Xbox 360                                   Yes (TU69)

Xbox One                                  Yes (1.4.0)

PS3                                           Yes (1.76)

PS4                                           Yes (1.76)

Wii U                                         Yes (Patch 38)

Nintendo Switch                        Yes (1.5.0)

Windows 10 Edition                  Yes (1.4.0)

Education Edition                      Yes (1.4.0)

* The version that was added or removed, if applicable.

Background In Minecraft

Damage against sea creature mobs such as guardians, elder guardians, squids, dolphins, and turtles is increased after using Impaling in Minecraft.

The impaling in Minecraft enchantment can also be added to any trident with the help of an enchanting table or anvil. Also the intended tried and can be used to fight the sea creature mob and now it can quickly be killed by you.

The maximum level for the Impaling in Minecraft enchantment is Level 5.

Enchantment Name  Impaling

Min Level–     Level 1 (Impaling I)

Max Level–    Level 5 (Impaling V)

Description– Increases your attack damage against sea creatures such as guardians, elder guardians, squids, dolphins, and turtles

Applies To–   Tridents

How to add Enchantment   

1. Enchanting Table

2. Anvil

3. /enchant command

Items to Enchant with Impaling in Minecraft

  • The following items can be enchanted using impaling in Minecraft:
    • Enchanted Book
    • Trident

Hold the enchanted trident

  • You need to hold the enchanted item in your hand if you have a trident that is enchanted with impaling in Minecraft. Until the item, you are holding in your hand and use you might not gain improved attack damage against the sea creature mobs.
  • Now attack using your enchanted trident and see how to clean your skin sea creature has suggested turtles guardians and elder guardians

TIP: To make the trident always return you should add the loyalty enchantment to it.

  • Congratulations, you just learned all about the Impaling in Minecraft.

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