Loyalty in Minecraft

Loyalty in Minecraft is an enchantment applying to a trident, causing it to return to the owner once thrown. If the player dies while the trident is returning, the trident then drops in item form and is susceptible to despawning.

When the player is traveling between dimensions, the trident attempts to return to the player but stays in the current dimension.

Supported Platforms

Loyalty in Minecraft enchantment is available in the following versions:

Platform                         Supported (Version*)

Java Edition (PC/Mac)             Yes (1.13)

Pocket Edition (PE)                  Yes (1.4.0)

Xbox 360                                  Yes (TU69)

Xbox One                                 Yes (1.4.0)

PS3                                          Yes (1.76)

PS4                                          Yes (1.76)

Wii U                                        Yes (Patch 38)

Nintendo Switch                       Yes (1.5.0)

Windows 10 Edition                 Yes (1.4.0)

Education Edition                     Yes (1.4.0)

* The version that was added or removed, if applicable.


Using a trident Loyalty in Minecraft can be added to it. The Loyalty in Minecraft may automatically return to you when it was thrown like a sphere using this enchantment.

Loyalty in Minecraft enchantment could be added to any trident using an enchantment table or anvil. After that try to throw the enchanted trident on your enemies and watch it return every time.

Level 3 is the maximum level for Loyalty in Minecraft enchantment. The higher the level, the faster your trident will return to you.

Enchantment Name    Loyalty

Min Level    Level 1 (Loyalty I)

Max Level    Level 3 (Loyalty III)

Description    Automatically returns the trident to you when it is thrown like a spear

Applies To     Tridents

How to add Enchantment   

1. Enchanting Table

2. Anvil

3. /enchant command

Incompatible Enchantments

Some Loyalty in Minecraft enchantment cannot be combined with the following enchantments:

Items to Enchant with Loyalty

You can enchant the following items with Loyalty:

  • Enchanted Book
  • Trident

Hold the Enchanted Trident

  • If you own a trident that is enchanted with loyalty you also need to hold the enchanted trident in your hand while I am in the trident like you would a bow.
  • Now throw the trident like you would shoot an arrow from your bow.
  • Once the trident strikes your target, the Loyalty in Minecraft enchantment will create a rope at the end of your trident. It will appear as if the trident is being pulled back to your Hotbar using this rope.
  • Once returned, the Loyalty in Minecraft will reappear in your Hotbar in the first empty slot (note: this may not be the same slot the trident was in before you threw it). The faster your trident will return, the higher the Loyalty in Minecraft Enchantment.

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