How to Make a Wet Sponge Minecraft

In wet sponge Minecraft is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game.

Let’s explore the way to make a wet sponge minecraft.

Wet Sponge Minecraft Supported Platforms

A wet sponge is out there within the following versions of Minecraft:

  • Platform
  • Java Edition
  • Pocket Edition (PE)
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Supported (Version*)
  • Yes (1.8)
  • Yes (0.16.0)
  • Yes (TU31)
  • Yes (CU19)
  • Yes (1.22)
  • Yes (1.22)
  • Yes (Patch 3)
  • Yes
  • Yes (0.16.0)
  • Yes (1.0)

* The version that it had been added or removed, if applicable to Make a wet sponge Minecraft.

(NOTE: pocketbook (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition are now called Bedrock Edition. we’ll still show them individually for version history).

How to get a Wet Sponge Minecraft in Survival Mode

There are 2 ways to urge a wet sponge in Survival mode to Make a wet sponge Minecraft.

1. Find them Growing within the Ocean Monument

  • You can add a wet sponge to your inventory in Survival mode by gathering wet sponges that grow naturally within the Ocean Monument (also called Guardian Temple). So, let’s get started!
  • The Ocean monument is found within the Deep Ocean biome.
  • Once you’ve found the Ocean Monument, search for a gaggle of sponges growing within the temple. During this example, we’ve found a gaggle of sponges growing on the ceiling in one among the rooms within the temple. you’ll got to obtain one among these wet sponges.

To Make a wet sponge minecraft The game control to obtain the wet sponge depends on the version of Minecraft:

● For Java Edition (PC/Mac), left click and hold on the wet sponge.
● For pocketbook (PE), you tap and hold on the wet sponge.
● For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
● For PS3 and PS4, press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
● For Wii U, press and hold the ZR button on the gamepad.
● For Nintendo Switch, tap hold the ZR button on the controller.
● For Windows 10 Edition, left tap hold on the wet sponge.
● For Education Edition, left tap hold on the wet sponge.

  • The wet sponge will break and a smaller sponge will float on the bottom. Confirm you choose up the wet sponge before it disappears.

2. Find and Kill an Elder Guardian

  • A wet sponge can be added to your inventory in Survival mode by killing an elder guardian.
  • Elder guardians will spawn within the Ocean Monument within the Deep Ocean.
  • If you’re having trouble finding an elder guardian, you’ll summon an elder guardian employing a cheat otherwise you can use a spawn egg.
  • Once you discover an elder guardian, you would like to attack it. Once you attack the elder guardian, it’ll turn pink because it takes damage.

● Continue to chase and attack the elder guardian. Once you’ve got killed the elder guardian, it’s going to drop one or more of the following: a wet sponge minecraft, prismarine crystals, or prismarine shards.
● Make sure you choose up the wet sponge and the other items before they disappear.
● These are useful items and will be kept in your inventory to be used later.

Things to Make with Wet Sponges

You can use wet sponges to make items in Minecraft such as:

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