How to Make a Map in Minecraft?

One of the many useful items in minecraft is map in survival and multiplayer mode. Quite easily, they want to show the encompassing area, allowing players to navigate easier. In survival, they’re typically wont to prevent being lost when faraway from a house. This is often an easy guide to the way to make a … Read more

How to Get Stone in Minecraft?

Stones with any of the pickaxes will drop cobblestone in Minecraft as cobblestone is a versatile material its used in several recipes especially for crafting tools to mine and fight mobs. It may not look of it or you may need to craft something else with stone. Here in this article we have listed multiple … Read more

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft?

Saddle in Minecraft are to ride horses, mules, and pigs in Minecraft games. In Minecraft unlike most of the items , here you will not be ready to craft one but instead would wish to seek out one. you’ll find saddles within the various chests located in dungeons and temples. If you’re loaded with loot, … Read more

How to Make a Blast Furnace Recipe in Minecraft

Without a furnace, you might be denied access to some of its features which provide many benefits, let’s say as cooking meat for the better restoration of hunger bars, smelting ores, and making charcoal that acts as an alternative to coal. Fortunately making furnaces are easy to craft so here below is the quick and simple … Read more

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft?

Alongside cacti Boats were added to Minecraft in Alpha version 1.0.6, way back in 2010. They’re made with five planks arranged round the bottom of a crafting grid, plus a spade if you’re playing on Bedrock Edition. Once you’re holding your finished boat, all you would like to try to do is to hit the … Read more