Respiration in Minecraft

In this Minecraft tutorial you will learn with proper explanation about the Respiration enchantment in Minecraft with step wise instructions via screenshots. But prior let us know what Respiration does and what it is for in Minecraft?? Respiration is a helmet enchantment used mainly for extending breathing for game users in time underwater. The effect takes place when it is applied to the armor pieces using command in Minecraft games.

Respiration Enchantment in Minecraft Supported Platforms

The Respiration enchantment in Minecraft is available in the following different versions:

Platform                                Supported (Version*)

Java Edition (PC/Mac)                                   Yes

Pocket Edition (PE)                                        Yes

Xbox 360                                                       Yes

Xbox One                                                       Yes

PS3 PS3                                                         Yes

PS4 PS4                                                         Yes

Wii U                                                             Yes

Nintendo Switch                                            Yes

Windows 10 Edition                                       Yes

Education Edition                                          Yes

Background Respiration enchantment in Minecraft

The Respiration enchantment in Minecraft is to extend on how long the users can breathe underwater which also aims to help you see better underwater.

The users can choose to add the Respiration enchantment to any helmet or leather cap using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command where the users will be in need to wear the enchanted helmet to gain access the underwater breathing time with extension.

The Respiration enchantment is Level 3 for the maximum level which means that an item could be enchanted with up to Respiration III level. The enchantment would be more powerful as the level goes higher.

Enchantment Name                     Respiration

Min Level                                                      Level 1 (Respiration I)

Max Level                                                     Level 3 (Respiration III)

Description                                                  Extends how long you can breathe underwater (it also helps you see better underwater)

Applies To                                                    Helmets

How to add Enchantment                             1. Enchanting Table


                                                                    3./ enchant command

Items Required to Enchant with Respiration

The following items could be enchanted with Respiration in Minecraft:

  • How to make an Enchanted Book
  • How to make a Diamond Helmet
  • How to make a Golden Helmet
  • How to make an Iron Helmet
  • How to make a Leather Cap
  • How to make a Chain Helmet
  • How to make a Netherite Helmet
  • How to make a Turtle Shell
  • How to make a Dyed Leather Cap

Wear the Enchanted Helmet

Once you get yourself ready with a helmet/cap enchanted with Respiration, there you can now wear the enchanted helmet. Once the helmet is worn, you can now get the extended underwater breathing.

Helmet with respiration

Now the helmet/cap with Respiration to be moved from your inventory to your character’s helmet box which will now be visible for you to see the character’s appearance change as the helmet is worn.

Wearing helmet with respiration

Now once the enchanted helmet is worn on your head, it will be asses sable for you to breathe underwater for a longer duration without running out of air. This is the Respiration enchantment in Minecraft.

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